Criminal Law Links

 Criminal Law Links

If you think there may be a warrant for your arrest in San Diego County, click on the link San Diego Sheriff Arrest Warrants.  Many common state court misdemeanor arrest warrants and felony arrest warrants will be listed.   One way to clear the warrant is to get a bail bondsman, which will pull the warrant and set a court date for you.  Another way is to have your lawyer put the matter on the court calendar.

San Diego Sheriff – Who’s In Jail

BOP Inmate Locator- Federal

San Diego Sheriff Inmate Visiting Schedule

San Diego’s Bail Schedule

San Diego Superior Court – Central Division, Criminal Case Calendar

Paying Criminal Court Fines

United States District Court, Southern District of California

San Diego County District Attorney – Criminal Case information

California DMV: Website of California Department of Motor Vehicles

DMV Suspensions explained as a result of a DUI

APS Hearing Information

California Laws

California Appellate Report Blog

U.S. Supreme Court Cases

U.S. Supreme Court Blog


SCRAM (alcohol ankle bracelet):

SCRAM of California 619-997-3429

DMV Driver Safety Offices ;9174 Sky Park Court, Suite 200, San Diego, CA 92123-2666; B: (858) 627-3901; F: (858) 627-3925


San Diego County Work Furlough Program: 551 South 35th Street, San Di ego, CA 92113; (619) 232-8600

CPAC: Please contact the firm at 619-232-9700 for the application (clients only)


County Probation Department, for public work service:

-Main Office: 5201 Ruffin Road, Suite R, San Diego CA 92123; Phone: 858-560-3258; Hours: 8:30 am-4:30 pm. Adult and juvenile enrollments.

-Hall of Justice (downtown): 330 West Broadway, 5th Floor, San Diego CA 92101; Phone: 858-515-8202; Hours: 7:30 am-4:30 pm. Adult enrollment only.


Interlock Ignition Devices or IID:

Automotive Remedies

-8280 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard #145 San Diego, CA 92111

-Telephone: 858-874-2585

-Hours of Operation: M-F 9-4PM For an installation appointment, please call  (800) 880-3394


In some cases, you will be able to get an Expungement yourself, without needing to hire an attorney, particularly on misdemeanors when probation is terminated.  Things get more complicated with felony Expungements, particularly if you are eligible for a reduction to a misdemeanor before doing the Expungement, you should have a lawyer, or request that the public defender be appointed for you if your funds are limited.

The liberal Expungement rules are unique to California law.  Federal convictions, with extremely limited exceptions, cannot be expunged.   They also can not be reduced to misdemeanors

 In October 2013, Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill making an important change to Labor Code 432.7.  This Law prohibits employers from asking job applicants to disclose convictions which have been sealed or judicially expunged pursuant to law, including Penal Code 1203.4, 1203.3(a), 1203.45, and 1201.1, or from utilizing this information in determining any condition of employment.

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California State Bar Website

Federal Presidential Pardon or Commutation

  The procedure procedure for presidential pardons is explained at

When he left office in January 2017, President Obama had granted more commutations than any president in history.  He granted 64 pardons, and 1,304 commutations (which included 504 life sentences).    Many of these commutations were granted in cases where the sentence was obviously excessive, and where the sentencing judge would have imposed a lessor sentence if he or she had not been confined by mandatory federal sentencing rules (those rules have been modified in the last few years so that in most federal cases the sentencing judge is not required to impose sentences far in excess of what that judge believes to be fair).     An example of the sentences commuted by Obama was that of Paul Free, of San Diego.   He had received a sentence of life without possibility of parole for a marijuana trafficking conviction, because that is what the law required at the time, in view of his previous marijuana trafficking convictions.     At the time that his sentence of life was commuted, in January 2017, Free had served over 22 years.    The list of Obama’s pardons and commutations, with details of the prisoners affected, can be seen, and there is a discussion on     Pardons are usually granted long after the defendant has served his sentence.  Commutations, on the other hand, are a reduction of the sentence.

Governor Jerry Brown has used his power to grant pardons more liberally than previous governors.   The details of these pardons can be found at    His pardons generally have been granted to people who finished their sentences years ago, and who had fulfilled the requirements for certificates of rehabilitation.

California Firearm Laws

The California Office of the Attorney General’s web page with a great deal of practical information on firearm laws California DOJ Bureau of Firearms   There is also a discussion of how firearms laws affect people in California in an article on that topic on this Grimes and Warwick web site.