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The San Diego trial attorneys at the law office of Grimes & Warwick practice exclusively in the area of criminal defense, representing individuals and corporations accused of criminal charges in both state and federal courts. Grimes & Warwick was established in 1976 and has a strong presence in the San Diego legal community based on decades of experience protecting the constitutional rights of citizens accused of crimes, and zealously defending individuals from investigation to trial.

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Our team of attorneys has expanded to include Dana M. Grimes and Jay Temple. You can learn more about all of our accomplished attorneys by clicking the button below.

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Bob Grimes Honored with Daniel T. Broderick III Award

  Bob Grimes was honored as this year’s recipient of the Daniel T. Broderick III Award at the 2018 Red Boudreau Trial Lawyers Dinner. The Daniel T. Broderick III Award is a prestigious award given to the top trial attorneys in San Diego. Recipients of the award...

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People v. Washington, An Important Confrontation Case

by Dana M. Grimes, Esq. “Once partners in crime recognize that the ‘jig is up,’ they tend to lose any identity of interest and immediately become antagonists, rather than accomplices.” - Lee v. Illinois (1986) 476 U.S. 530, *544-45. In criminal trials, the issue of...

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Stock Fraud and Boiler Rooms in the Internet Age

by Dana M. Grimes, Esq.   Sometimes movies do a pretty good job of describing fraud. 2015’s The Big Short accurately described massive fraud in mortgages for residential real estate, by lenders, borrowers, and mortgage brokers, that occurred while federal regulators...

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