Dana Grimes Receives Trial Lawyer of the Year Award

Red Boudreau Dinner - Attorney Award Ceremony


Grimes and Warwick are proud to announce that Dana Grimes receives the Trial Lawyer of the Year award from the Criminal Defense Bar Association of San Diego, for 2017. This is the third major award that Dana has been presented by prominent legal organizations in San Diego. The awards reflect her outstanding success in criminal jury trials in State Court and Federal Court in San Diego

In 2016, Dana was awarded an Outstanding Trial Lawyer Trial Lawyer award, by the Consumer Attorney of San Diego (CASD), for an acquittal in a federal 26 co-defendant multi-million dollar mortgage fraud jury trial, United States v Berkenfield

In 2013, Dana received the Judge David R. Thompson Award.   This award is given to an attorney with less than 7 years of practice who best exemplifies a strong commitment to the administration of justice, and demonstrates a significant service to the legal profession. This attorney award is sponsored by all of the major trial organizations of San Diego County.