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State and Federal Criminal Defense

The San Diego trial attorneys at the law office of Grimes & Warwick practice exclusively in the area of criminal defense, representing individuals and corporations accused of criminal charges in both state and federal courts. Grimes & Warwick was established in 1976 and has a strong presence in the San Diego legal community based on decades of experience protecting the constitutional rights of citizens accused of crimes, and zealously defending individuals from investigation to trial.


Lords of War

by Dana M. Grimes, Esq.   The Global Arms Market Dealing in Firearms is not inherently illegal.  In 2011, the United States exported 46 billion dollars in weapons, and Russia and other Eastern Block countries export many billions more.  Under United States law, legitimate transactions require an end-user certificate identifying the buyer.  Weapons dealers cross || Continue reading…

Dana Grimes Awarded Thompson New Lawyer Award

      Attorney Dana M. Grimes was presented with the Judge David R. Thompson New Lawyer Award at the 29th Annual Red Boudreau Trial Lawyers’ Celebration. The Judge David R. Thompson New Lawyer Award is “given to a new local attorney, with seven (7) years or less in the practice of law, who best exemplifies || Continue reading…

Maryland v King: Will This Holding on DNA Samples Have the “Vast and Scary” Consequences Predicted by Justice Scalia?

By Dana M. Grimes, Esq. Justice Scalia is in the minority of the momentous 5-4 opinion of Maryland v. King, (his scathing dissent was joined by justices Ginsberg, Sotomayor, and Kagan).   He is correct pointing out the disingenuous reasoning in Justice Kennedy’s majority opinion.   However, is Justice Scalia also correct in his conclusion Maryland v. King || Continue reading…