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State and Federal Criminal Defense

The San Diego trial attorneys at the law office of Grimes & Warwick practice exclusively in the area of criminal defense, representing individuals and corporations accused of criminal charges in both state and federal courts. Grimes & Warwick was established in 1976 and has a strong presence in the San Diego legal community based on decades of experience protecting the constitutional rights of citizens accused of crimes, and zealously defending individuals from investigation to trial.


Dana Grimes Awarded Judge Thompson Lawyer Award

Grimes & Warwick is pleased to announce that attorney Dana M. Grimes was presented with the Judge David R. Thompson award.  The award was given at the 29th Annual Red Boudreau Trial Lawyers’ Celebration.  This attorney award is a great honor for an attorney, and our office is incredibly proud of Ms. Grimes’ achievement. Attorney || Continue reading…

Peregrine Trial Summary Results for all Defendants

Comments by Bob Grimes and Dana Grimes September 13, 2013 Stephen Gardner, former CEO of Peregrine Systems who was sentenced to 97 months in the custody of Federal Bureau of Prisons, died on July 17, 2013.  He is survived by his wife, Dorothy Flavin Gardner, his sons, Brendan T. Gardner, and Christopher P Gardner, and || Continue reading…